Your online source of the highest quality sublimation and laser transfers.  We feature quality transfers and fast turn around.
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After listening to many other "subbers" out there complaining about the problems encountered with their sublimation systems...
  • Clogged inkjet nozzles...grrrrr!!
  • Inconsistent colors
  • High cost of ink!!
We may have your solution!  We have been producing high quality sublimation items since 1999.  We are offering our printing services to you.  We purchase the highest quality transfer paper and sublimation inks in large bulk quantities!!!!  This is how we are able to pass our very competitive prices on to you.

Consider can purchase a set of sublimation ink cartridges for the ever popular Epson 1280 for $202.  A very well known industry authority has quoted a yield of fifty-five 8" x 10" images from a set of these cartridges.  That works out to $3.67 per print just for the ink!!! 

There are many great sublimation products available to offer your customers.  Most of these products are very profitable!!!  Visit our Resources page.

We are now offering laser transfers to meet your cotton needs!  After discovering a new transfer paper, we can actually recommend a product for transfering to cottons.  In the past, most laser transfers were either terribily stiff or did not retain the graphic well.

Our shipping cost is a very affordable $6 for each order.  It doesn't matter if it is one print or one thousand's still $6!