Your online source of the highest quality sublimation and laser transfers.  We feature quality transfers and fast turn around.
About our services

Turn around time?  Typically one day.

How much is shipping?  $6 per order for USPS Priority Mail.  Expedited shipping is available

Is there a minimum order?  No!  You may order one sheet if needed.

About sublimation

Can I sublimate cotton?  No.  Organic fibers, such as cotton, do not accept the sublimation dyes.  However, you can sublimate popular blends such as 50/50 and 65/35.  Only the polyeser fibers will accept the dyes.  So the higher the percentage of poly the brighter your graphic will be.  If you use a 50/50 the resulting image is going to be more of a washed out or faded look.  Perfect for some type of graphics and not acceptable at all for others.  It just depends on your customers expectations. 

Can I sublimate the new moisture wicking shirts?  Yes!  Dye sublimation works perfectly on most of the new moisture wicking fabrics.

Can I print on black or darker colors?  There are no "white" sublimation inks.  We can only dye the fabric darker.  My analogy here...if you have a photo of a white poodle and you press it on a pink then have a pink poodle.

How does sublimation compare to plastisol transfers?  Dye sublimation actually dyes the fabric.  We are not melting plastic on top of the fabric.  There will be absolutely no feel to the printed area.  The print will never crack, peel or fade. 

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