1/4" Thick soft pad to provide blemish free transfers on your ceramic tiles.  No need for heavy pressure.  This pad is soft and only requires minimum pressure to achieve a complete transfer on surfaces that are not completely flat.  It bounces back after pressing.  Custom sizes available.
9" x 12" Soft Pad  $15.00
16" x 20" Soft Pad  $38.00
Soft Silicone Pad

Your online source of the highest quality sublimation and laser transfers.  We feature quality transfers and fast turn around.
Cork Backs
Adhesive cork backs for coasters.  3.875" x 3.875" with peel and stick adhesive.  Our cork will perfectly fit 4" and 4.25" ceramic tiles.  Radiused corners prevent lift-off on the corners. 
25 pcs $12.00
200 pcs $90.00
Heat Tape
Clear heat tape for your sublimation needs.
1/2" wide by 72 yards long.  We only use clear heat tape.  The colored tapes will sometimes transfer the tape coloring to your substrate.
$7.50 each
Neoprene Tablet Sleeves
We couldn't find quality sleeves for the smaller tablets so we have them custom made!  5mm thick neoprene with double zipper.  Two sizes available.  8" fits the iPad Mini.
7" Sleeve - $3.00 each
(Printable area is 7.5" x 5.0")
8" Sleeve - $3.00 each
Fits iPad Mini
(Printable area is 8.25" x 6.0")